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The Internal

How often is your day shaped by external circumstances? Your finances, your family, your appearance, your job, your relationships? Every single thing outside of you shifts day in and day out. Everything is in constant fluidity and all you can expect of these things is that they will change.

The most important aspect of your life is your internal peace and wellbeing. When you choose to focus inward instead of letting your external circumstances shift your perspective, you are one step closer to being at peace and joyful in all moments.

Everything in your life will change, and if you are constantly counting on your outside situations and circumstances to fill you up then you are destined to be unfulfilled.

However, when you choose to not allow anything outside of you to effect your peace of mind then you can begin to shift into a new way of life.

The way of life that you can live from within is your true purpose. That is the place where you are truly connected to God and where the magic can begin to unfold.

Do not depend on external factors to create happiness in your life.

You are a sentient being that was created for so much more than the everchanging atmosphere outside of yourself. You are the joy. You are the love that you so desperately yearn for.

When you begin to fill your cup up from within then it can spill forth into the world and make a beautiful and positive difference.

Never neglect to remember your true purpose here. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything outside or yourself.

You are the change that you wish to see and it all begins within you. Never let anyone tell you that true happiness lies outside of yourself. If you go forth in this manner you will continually be dissatisfied

Begin with yourself. Commit to knowing your inner-self. Grow your inner-confidence and self-esteem. Do not rely on external factors to satisfy and fill you.

Your gifts are supernatural and deserve the utmost divine love you can possibly give. You are the gift you've been waiting for.

Infinite love and infinite abundance,

Breanne Anderson

Celestine Harmony

"Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world" - Grateful Dead

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