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A Gift

A Gift

What is the best thing you have ever received? Was it a thoughtful present, a new flower garden, a surgery that corrected chronic pain, your partner, a hug, a child, your salvation, compassion, grace? Take a moment to revel in how it made you feel when you received this. Did you get chill bumps, get that fuzzy feeling all over, or simply feel present and grateful?

What if I were to tell you that every single day that you open your eyes that you are receiving a gift. Would anything shift in your perception to know that absolutely everything, and I mean everything, that has happened in your life has been a gift? Every single obstacle, challenge, trauma, joy, and success all stemmed from the same place of momentum to propel you into a space that allowed for your growth and maturity as a human being. What if you were to choose from this moment going forward to perceive life in this manner? Would it change you?

Sometimes, we do not want to face the darkness that has transpired in our life for fear of what may be lurking there in that darkness. The secrets we hold onto for fear of being judged, the lies we tell ourselves to make everything seem okay, the struggle we feel each and everyday knowing that we possibly do not measure up to what we believe we should be. These all keep us trapped, enslaved, and tormented to the life we think we deserve because of whatever distorted darkness we are inhabiting.

Now, what if I were to tell you that if you can simply stare these fears and insecurities in the face that quite possibly you could begin to take away their power over you. The light inside you has been placed there for a reason. You were not meant to live in darkness, but actually you were meant to thrive in the light. You have been given this gift of life, and it was not meant in anyway to be a substitution for a life that you just barely make it through.

You were put here for a purpose. You were put here as a gift for the world. Your entire life is a gift. Every single aspect. You can choose to give that gift of life to every single person you meet. From experience, however, this must begin with you. When you choose to shine light on the darkness within your life you can then become grateful for the experience. You can then grow and become stronger, more resilient, and quicker to adapt. You also then have the tools to help guide others who experience something similar in their lives, and thus help them navigate out of their own darkness.

In what ways can you be a gift unto yourself? Start with prioritizing your self-care. Start a meditation practice. Start your day with prayer. Give yourself gentle nudges when you see your thoughts going down a dark path urging them back to self-loving compassion. In what ways can you be a gift unto others? Your entire life can be transformed into a precious light of life with one simple choice each and everyday. So, what are you going to choose today? Are you going to be a gift to yourself and others? I know that you are a gift to us all. I am simply waiting for you to recognize that light you have within yourself. Stay true and believe you can make a difference in the world because that is precisely right. We need you. We always have.

Honoring you,

Breanne Anderson

Celestine Harmony

"You are a gift to the world." - Eileen Anglin

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