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New Beginnings

What is a great story that you are familiar with? Does it involve a person, an animal, a fictitious character, God, plants, energy? For a moment, I want you to bring the message of that story into focus in your mind. Take a minute. Close your eyes. Think.

What is the best part about your favorite story? Is it the lesson, the adventure, the triumph, the challenges, or simply the manner in which it was written? I want you to contemplate momentarily what it means to hold something tenderly within your heart.

What makes you like the things you do? Could it be that it is simply because that is how God made you? Imagine for a minute that every single thing that you have experienced in this life has shaped you into the individual that you are in this very moment. With each passing day, the choices you have made, and the challenges and obstacles you have faced have all brought you to this point in your life. What if I were to tell you that there was absolutely no coincidence in any of it.

Like all incredible stories, they all have a beginning. It just so happens that you are also a fantastic story. You were placed on this earth for a purpose. There is also absolutely no coincidence in that. With the never-ending cycle of cause and effect, we are all a bit familiar with the consequences of our actions. We are faced with choices every single day. What are we to do with all of those choices? We choose.

I invite you to make a choice today to embark on this journey with me. It is the first day of the month, and very soon it will be the first day of a new year. What are you going to choose to do with this empowering new perspective? Will you choose to cower back in fear and tell yourself that you are not good enough, you are not strong enough, you are not skinny enough, you are not rich enough, or simply that you are just not enough? Because I am here to tell you that those are all distractions that your mind has created to keep you stuck in fear. God has not placed you on this planet by accident. Far from any accident, God has chosen you.

You have been chosen to live a life full of adventure and life-changing moments. What you are here to do is far bigger than anything you can possibly imagine for yourself. Remember back to when you began reading this, and bring back into your mind when I asked you to contemplate what it means to hold something tenderly in your heart. I want you to use that same feeling of tenderness and this time give emphasis to something you are passionate about. Let whatever comes to mind naturally enter into your thoughts without trying to change it into something else because it would be more "socially acceptable". Therein is your clue.

It is no coincidence that we enjoy the things that we do. Those very things are the clues to what our purpose is here on this planet. We have been meticulously designed to be exactly the way we are. What you love and are passionate about is exactly what sets you apart from everyone else. That is precisely how you are going to help change the world.

It all starts with you. What you have inside of you is unlike anything or anyone else on this planet. There has never been and there will never be anyone like you. Do you realize how special that makes you? If you do not choose to share what is inside of you with the world, then we all missing out on the vital link that connects us together like a puzzle. You are the missing piece we have been looking for, and we are dying to hear what you have to share.

The time is now to begin writing your story. It is time to start listening to that little voice inside that is wanting to make a change in your life. That little voice just happens to be God's way of cheering you on to really find out what makes you who you are. Will you let that little voice talk a little louder? Will you start listening? I know life can be scary. It can be overwhelming. Sometimes, it can feel like everything around you is crashing down and trying to crush you, but if you will give God a chance, he will guide you through it. God will show you that you are here for tremendous reasons and if you are willing then you will be a vessel used to accomplish incredible things. Will you accept the offer and transcend your fears and uncertainties?

It is time to take a step into the unknown and let go of everything that has been holding you down up until this point. Your new life is waiting to begin. Let's make this a new beginning that you will never forget. Let your impact be a guiding light for all future generations to follow. You are the difference.

All my love,

Breanne Anderson

Celestine Harmony

"The creation of a thousand forest is in one acorn." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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