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Hey Soul Sistars!
I'm Breanne, the funky Goddess of all things juicy and sexy! I am an intuitive healer, crystal wielding, cosmic lover of transmuting pain into healing. I utilize the tools of the stars, lessons from my own journey, and my divine intuition to help other holistic women find their self-worth and regain their power. I have studied Iyengar yoga under Master yogi, Cindy Dollar, healed sacred sisterhood wounds with Diva Extraordinaire, Dr. Megan Monday, and trained in Blue Star Celestial Healing under Master teacher, Kimberly Barrett.
I love bringing all my cards to the table (LITERALLY)! I am ready to help you find your way back home to your cosmic truth so you can get back on track with your soul mission. I've learned how to navigate safely away from narcissistic jerks, heal ancestral wounds, find power within those wounds, and utilize my radiant energy to light up my divine life path.
By harnessing my power, I was able to draw back all my energy from all the cracks and crevices I had released it into, do the deep, dark, and dirty soulwork healing that my spirit was so longing for, and now am happy to be an energetic beacon and powerhouse to my fellow sistars. I gratefully and humbly come forth to serve you in the highest, brightest, and best way I can. Let me help you meet the sexy Goddess that you are too!

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