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Gracefully stepping onto this path has created an urgency in my life I've yet met. Understanding that this path was perfectly meant for me was the easiest and most difficult process I've ever undertaken. I have had earth-shattering experiences sprinkled with the most magnificent magnificence that exists, but between all that is the meat of the experience. The journey, the unfolding. Everything I never realized that I needed but that which has developed my character is what helps me understand and travel to deep spaces with others. I do not believe it is by coincidence that we are on this path of limitless possibilities and I, for sure, do not believe that it is a happen chance that you stumbled upon this place in time. I hope I can be a gift to you in the remembrance of your soul, your body, and the reverence your mind and heart deserves. It is no small undertaking to turn the mirror inward and to begin to admire the qualities that create the holistic aperture of our makeup. I want to journey with you on a path that requires dedication and honesty and is no less fantastic than that of the most epic of adventures simply waiting for you to remember your magnificence and power. You are beautiful. I'm happy you've found your way here.


Mimosa Medicine Mama


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